Tips for reducing employee sick days

Have you had sick people in your office recently? Colds and flu can have a huge impact on your staff. The good news is that you can do something to make your staff less sick.

Make sure that the doors are cleaned every day, without fail.

When thinking of a high risk area for spreading germs, many cleaners think that the areas that get the most physical contact are phones, computers, toilets and bins.


reducing employee sick days

Doors are especially prone to buildup of bacteria. Not only are doors frequently used, but they’re also frequently used by everyone. Doors are touched every time someone comes in and out of a building or from one room to another, to open and close them. This means that germs spread quickly throughout your team.

It’s an unfortunate fact that if someone forgets to wash their hands in the bathroom and touches a door, then everyone comes into contact with those germs! Not a pretty thought.

As one of the highest touched objects by multiple people, doors and door handles are especially prone to the buildup of bacteria, which can easily lead to the spread of germs and viruses to everyone who touches the door.

A good daily clean is a great start

A daily anti-bac clean is all you need to help with reducing employee sick days. It’s also important to not just clean the doors but to remove all bacteria with antibacterial cleaner, to ensure all germs and viruses are killed. It’s vital that doors and handles must be included as a priority in your cleaning rota. Regular anti-bac works well to kill office germs. Make sure that your cleaner does the doors every day.

Hand Gels

Hand gels are a very cost effective investment in your staff’s health and great for reducing employee sick days. Make sure that all of your staff have a hand gel on their desk. This way you help them to stay healthy and productive

A clean workplace is essential to maintaining a healthy environment. The great thing is that this helps to ensure a healthy and motivated team, as well as the best possible first impression for customers.

Clean desk policy

You may have heard some stats about how dirty the average desk is. It’s important to remind your staff that their desks needs to be regularly cleaned. Make it easy for them to build in a cleaning routine, like scheduling desk cleaning time.

15 minutes of desk cleaning once per week could save your company days or even week’s worth of unproductive sickness.

Don’t have the time?

Does this sound like a lot of time for you? are able to dedicate the time by building this into the cleaning schedule. By scheduling time to clean the keyboards and doors, we can help keep your team healthy.

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