Tidy Office Tips

What does an untidy office cost you?  

Messy office? No big deal, right? Wrong. With the team so busy anyway, what does it matter if the kitchen’s a bit gunky or the bins haven’t been emptied?  

Messy offices cost you more than you might think;

  • Messy and misplaced papers can cause unnecessary delays
  • Unhealthy work conditions add to physical stress and sick days
  • Loose cables can be downright dangerous


All of these impact your bottom line. The good news is that these are very simple problems to avoid. These 2 simple tips can help create a healthy and safe working environment as well as keeping your office running efficiently.


Tidy Office Tips


Tidy Office Tips 1: Make cleanliness part of everyone’s job


Many hands make light work, so make it part of your staff’s job to take ownership of their space and keep their desks tidy.


Consider starting a ‘clean desk’ policy, where everyone benefits from dedicating 10 minutes per week to make their space clean. Make it part of the quieter part of the week, like a Wednesday afternoon. Everyone stops what they’re doing to tidy their desks for 10 minutes and then continues with their work.


You can make it more social by getting tea for everyone. This will improve the overall look and feel of the office, not to mention having healthier staff from having a cleaner work environment.


Tidy Office Tips 2: Make it easy for them


As the Manager, you have a big influence on how clean your office is. Your team members are responsible for keeping their desks tidy, but you’re responsible for making sure that they do this. There is a lot that you can do to help make keeping a clean desk an easy thing for them to do.


  • Educating: Does everyone know where to find the antibacterial spray and cloth?
  • Healthy: Has everyone got their own bottle of hand sanitiser?
  • Recycling: Is there a rubbish and recycling bin within easy reach of everyone’s desk?
  • Example: Do you set a great example by having a spotless desk?



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