Trusting your cleaner

Trust is so important in when it comes to cleaning. You, the Manager of your Site, need the cleaning done so that your can team can focus on their jobs. If the cleaning isn’t done then you’ll have to sort it. This is extra stress and work and that’s not good for you


A good cleaning company recognises the importance of trust. Good cleaning companies have staff that respect client privacy and have built in systems to make sure that this is adhered to.


The problems with trusting cleaners


You are putting a lot of faith in your cleaners. Cleaners have wide access to areas of your site, usually working by themselves. It’s hard to know if the cleaners are:


  • Performing the tasks that they need to
  • Cleaning your site to the standard required
  • Staying for the agreed length of time each day


Must in the same way that you need to trust the electric company to make sure the lights turn on when you flick the switch, trust is vital with cleaning companies to do a good job.


3 ways to trust your cleaners



How do can you trust that your site is cleaned to a standard that you need? Make a checklist so that it’s crystal clear what counts as a good job.

We use checklists for all of our cleans as this allows us to make sure that we are covering all of the tasks required. What’s more, our clients know that we’re doing everything that’s required because a checklist makes what we do crystal clear. We write more about the importance of checklists in our blog here


Demand regular audits

Building on from the checklist, demand regular reviews where you assess the quality of the work done compared with the checklist. It’s good to have a mix of different stakeholders there;


  • Your Manager
  • A member of your Team who works in that area
  • The Cleaning Manager
  • One of the Cleaners


It’s this mix of perspectives which will help identify any problem areas and solutions. Having many different people there will help ensure that the feedback you give is being listened to.


Have overlapping working times

Many companies want their site to be cleaned before they step in to work in the morning so that their team can get on with their day uninterrupted. As such, cleaners and staff don’t ever cross paths. But what happens when you need to give feedback to the cleaner? Instead of having to email several people, wouldn’t it be easier to be able to point out areas for improvement?


A good tip is to have at least a 5-minute overlap between the cleaners finishing cleaning and your staff getting in. Make sure that there’s a personal connection between you and the cleaning staff, as well as an opportunity to mention anything face to face.


Trusting your cleaner

We hope you found these tips useful! If you’d like to talk more about how to create a spotless working environment then get in touch on our contact us page.