office cleaning tips

Simple office cleaning tips


Here’s something you might not have considered when thinking about a clean workplace; the smell!

It’s well known that scent plays a huge role in our happiness and mood. We all know that estate agents bake bread before a house viewing to make a house seem more homely.

Cinemas have a ‘fresh popcorn’ smell that they spray in every corner of the building to heighten the experience. (the popcorn that you buy over the counter doesn’t always look quite as fresh though)


Office cleaning tips to improve the smell

With many people inhabiting the space for hours each day, offices can develop unpleasant smells only too easily. Microwaved lunches, unemptied bins and stale cigarette smoke from colleagues are just some aromas which can make our workplaces smell unpleasant.

Odours like this can add to a poor impression of your business from customers, as well as potentially making staff feel less productive. The good news is, we’ve included some office cleaning tips which is sure to get your office smelling beautiful again!


Plug in air fresheners

Office cleaning tip number 1: A good quality plug-in air freshener can be set to release smell on a timer. This means there’s a constant stream of aroma that will fill your office


Open the windows

This is easier said than done, as some high rise offices don’t even have openable windows. What’s more, opening the windows in the depths of autumn and winter may seem like a pretty unpleasant option. If the opportunity presents itself, you can get rid of stale smells by simply opening your blinds and windows to get a good flow of fresh air.


Potpourri makes for an excellent decoration

A natural perfume for the office and an excellent bit of decor at the same. What’s not to love? A bowl of potpourri is cheap and will both brighten up and freshen up your office



We hope you found these office cleaning tips useful! If you’d like to talk more about how to create a spotless working environment then get in touch on our contact us page.