deep clean

Deep cleaning tips

Do you currently manage your cleaning team in-house? Cleaning is a vital foundation on which a lot of your business operations rely:

  • In food companies, good hygiene is of paramount importance
  • In service industries, a great customer impression is underpinned by a sparkling office
  • In schools and education, a clean classroom can help support learning by reducing sickness because passed from student to student

To run a successful cleaning operation, you don’t just need a great cleaning team, you need a great cleaning team leader. Here are 2 areas to manage your cleaning team:

  • Checklist
  • Building in deep cleans


Deep cleaning tip: Use a checklist

The problem is that a lot of tasks don’t need to be done daily. For example, dusting the blinds usually happens once per week. With less frequent tasks, it’s usually harder to know if it has been done or not just by looking.


How do you make sure that your site is cleaned to a standard that you need? Make a checklist so that your cleaners know what counts as a good job.

If what counts as a good job is vague, then it’s harder for your team to provide the kind of clean that you want. So how can you be sure that your cleaners are keeping your site clean? Checklists are a great way to make crystal clear what counts as a good job.

We use checklists for all of our cleans as this allows us to make sure that we are covering all of the tasks required. What’s more, our clients know that we’re doing everything that’s required because a checklist makes what we do crystal clear. We write more about the importance of checklists in our blog here


Building in deep cleans

January is deep clean time for a lot of hospitality companies. With the Christmas rush over, the quiet January is ideal for a spruce up. The word deep clean can send chills down the spine of your team. Deep cleans are thought to be hard when it actually isn’t. Deep cleans can, in fact, be an enjoyable team building exercise (believe it or not). Here are some deep clean top tips for making the January clean effective and fun:


Play music

Music can help make the task at hand more enjoyable and give your team a beat to help deep clean

Using a checklist

Especially with big cleaning jobs, you want to show tangible progress to keep motivation high. Checklists are a great way to do this because people can see when they’re halfway through or almost done

Do one room at a time

Similarly, it’s very motivating to see the transformation that a room goes through with a deep clean. If your team tackle one room at a time, everyone will see what a difference they’re making

Reward your team

This could be anything, but something that shows that you appreciate their hard work. Bigger thank you’s are always welcomed but even sweets and getting rounds of tea in can really boost spirits  

Clean together

Big deep clean jobs are all about motivating each other. Working as a team really helps to keep the energy high and the cleaning progressing



We hope you found these tips useful! If you’d like to talk more about how to create a spotless working environment then get in touch on our contact us page.