cleaning checklist tips

Cleaning Checklist Tips

You’ve worked hard to make your office a pleasant place to be. You’ve picked the furniture and the correct coffee machines. You don’t want all the work you’ve done to create the right atmosphere,  to be undermined by clients trying to avoid catching their sleeves on sticky drink rings on the table.

cleaning checklist tips


How do you make sure that your office is cleaned to a standard that you would expect? Make a checklist so that your cleaners know what counts as a good job. Below are some cleaning checklist tips to help you out.


Be clear on what counts as a ‘good job’

If what counts as a good job is vague, then you’re not necessarily going to get the kind of clean that you want. For daily tasks, like cleaning the floor, it’s usually pretty clear if it hasn’t been done that day.


The problem is that a lot of tasks don’t need to be done daily. For example, dusting the blinds usually happens once per week. With less frequent tasks, it’s usually harder to know if it has been done or not just by looking.


How can you be sure that your cleaners are keeping your office clean? Checklists are a great way to make crystal clear what counts as a good job.


We use checklists for all of our cleans as this allows us to make sure that we are covering all of the tasks required. What’s more, our clients know that we’re doing everything that’s required because a checklist makes what we do crystal clear.


Include the outcome

The biggest cleaning checklist tip that we can give you is to make clear your expectations. Make clear your expectations by including the outcome that you are looking for. Here’s a good formula for each clean on your checklist:


[What you want them to do] + [What result do you want] e.g. Sweep and mop the floor so that there are no visible dirt marks


Be specific about what counts as a good job e.g. ‘clean the bathroom sink’ is pretty open to interpretation. For us, ‘clean the bathroom sink’ is usually 4 separate jobs:

  • Polish the mirror to ensure no smudges
  • Wipe the horizontal surfaces down to ensure that they’re clean and remove soap scum
  • Give the sink a clean, so that it’s smooth to the touch
  • Wipe and remove any build-up or mould around the taps


By giving the desired outcome in the checklist, you can be confident that your cleaners will keep your office clean to the desired standard because it’s crystal clear what you’re expecting them to do.


Checklists can and do change

With each season comes new focuses for cleaning. In winter, you usually need to clean the floors more because of people’s wet and muddy shoes. In summer, you usually need to dust more because debris from the road is floating into the office through open windows.


Do you have a cleaning checklist?

We hope you found these cleaning checklist tips useful. Make sure that you have regular reviews of your checklist to make sure that your office is cleaned to the standard that you expect.


Do you find yourself fretting over whether your cleaners are going to do everything that you need them to do? We can provide a no obligation quote for your cleaning. This will include a clear idea of how we can raise the standard of cleanliness on your premises. Get in touch on our contact us page to organise a quote.